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About Us

TMR was conceived as a temple to the sanctity of music and true art

Brainchild of the founder, Rahmat Simab, The Music Room @ Friend’s Hearth (TMR) was born out of a passion for Indian classical music, from which developed a dedication and drive to organise, promote and propagate the rich heritage of the performing arts of South Asia.  With the experience of organising more than a hundred concerts at TMR in Wembley, London, over a span of over a decade, Rahmat Simab is a name to reckon with in Indian classical music circles in the UK. ​TMR has become a lodestone to an array of local Indian classical and light classical artists in the UK, and is increasingly attracting a lineup of internationally acclaimed maestros from across the globe. ​The most prominent feature of TMR is its in-house setting. This is a state-of-the-art venue designed aesthetically and technically to host and present events of the highest quality. The venue is now a landmark for music lovers and is known both for its unique vibes and the unmatched hospitality of its director, Rahmat Simab. 

Raised by his Afghan parents in Kabul, Afghanistan, Rahmat fell in love with music at a young age and became a devotee of Hindustani classical music in particular. He left his country as a teenager in the early 1980s to flee the inferno Afghanistan had become. Never losing his emotional ties with his land of his ancestors, Rahmat lost himself in music, promoting it and associating with artists and musicians as a show of defiance towards the mujaheddin and Taliban mentality. 

TMR was conceived as a temple to the sanctity of music and true art, where tribute could be paid to true artists and those who revelled in their art. Thus, from a modest but exclusive “baithak” for the Hindustani genre of classical music, where only the best artists and performers were invited and which served as a haven for die-hard fans of this particular form of music, TMR has gone from strength to strength and has gained respect and popularity in South Asian musical circles worldwide. 

The TMR Events initiative has been taken to broaden TMR’s horizon in the face of growing demand, as the actual capacity of the present venue is limited. TMR Events aims to hold artistic performances in larger venues outside its established location, but is committed to guaranteeing the same quality in terms of musical performance, spiritual vibes, and hospitality. 

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